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The purpose of visitBerlin is to promote tourism in the Berlin region.


To promote knowledge about Berlin within the travel industries of overseas markets. The knowledge transfer should be fun and not an unpleasant task.


Since Berlin enjoys a young, dynamic image, Grafenstein developed a training course in keeping with its reputation. Knowledge transfer takes place in a playful and intuitive manner. At the start of the concept development phase, Grafenstein analysed the target group by personas. In the end, many elements typical of games were implemented in a format inspired by computer games. They have a beneficial impact on the learning experience and outcome.
Another important aspect is the two-tier reward system. In the virtual world, avatars can be individualised with accessories; in the real world, points can be converted into attractive Berlin-related gifts. This helps keep the motivation level high. The training course is clearly structured into different thematic areas. The explanatory text is kept short. So-called “Real-life challenges” encourage the user to become involved with Berlin apart from the training course too. In this way, the virtual classroom is carried over into real life. There are, of course, attractive prizes to be won here too.

Client: visitBerlin

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