Target groups

Approximately 4.5 million Dutch people travel to Germany every year. The most important reasons for holidaying there are easy accessibility, nature, activities such as cycling and hiking, and city trips.


As part of a partner concept, Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism is entering the markets Netherlands/Flanders, France/Wallonia/Luxembourg, Great Britain/Ireland as well as Switzerland/Austria. neusta Grafenstein is responsible for the topic-based development of the Netherlands and Belgium market in the area of B2B and B2C for the period 2017–2020. This work is being supported by Color Travel Service in the Netherlands and Konsultra and Sound Of C for the Belgian market.

Starting point

Important topics for the Benelux market are hiking and cycling, wine and cuisine, nature and culture as well as romantic cities.

Implementation: Specific press and blogger trips appropriate to the regional topics in Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as arranging journalists to attend group press trips organised by Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism. The development of a Facebook community began in 2018. There have also been media partnerships in online, print and radio sectors. The Benelux travel industry has also been supplied with regular B2B newsletters and sales calls.


In 2018, 2.1 million visitors from abroad came to Rhineland-Palatinate, the majority from the Netherlands and Belgium; overall growth was +1.9%.

  • Press trips involving a total of 7 journalists resulted in publications reaching more than 1.7 million readers.
  • Facebook: in the first year, 2,710 page likes and reaching 353,179 people.
  • Media cooperation: with 2 advertorial pages, prize draw, leaderboard, Facebook ad. Reach: 660,000.
  • B2B newsletter to 3,500 tourism professionals, opening rate of 30–40%, click rate of 0.5–15%
  • Benelux: over 3 million target group contacts