Starting point
In the 1980ies Sudan vanished from the touristic map for almost 30 years due to a long row of conflicts. The country was cut of the international payments systems and a wide range of sanctions reduced international visitors to a minimum. The costal province of Sudan – the Red Sea State – was never part of the internal conflicts and hosted always some hundred divers during the winter season. neusta Grafenstein was engaged in March 2017 to represent the Red Sea State in Germany, Austria, Switzerland to increase diving tourism but also to establish Port Sudan as a starting point for study and adventure tourism.
Our approach
We had to face major challenges:
A. The touristic offers of the Sudan are „invisible” on the German speaking markets, there are no guide books, websites or any other information material in German language.
B. The basis of German tour operators who offer Sudan is very small and none of them had the Red Sea State in the program. Even the diving tour operator focus on live-boards only although there is a touristic infrastructure in and around Port Sudan suitable for international guests.
We focussed the communication on two story lines:
Red Sea State is a must see destination for any experienced diver and 
Sudan played a key role in the development of mankind with a first civilisation 5.000 years before the first civilisation in Egypt emerged.
An in that way, Sudan is a must see destination for all cultural interested traveller.
ITB 2017 and the Interdive 2017 in Friedrichshafen showed that there is a big interest in these themes.
With press and tour operator fams in Dezember 2017 and April 2018 we could attract a wide range of leading media and special interest tour operator to feature the Red Sea State and Sudan.
In the first 9 month of it’s engagement, neusta Grafenstein increased the arrival figures from Germany by 39% to over 3.000 visitors in 2017.