Panazee Magazine – Health, Wellness & Travel

Targeted customer contact in doctors’ waiting rooms

Panazee (Panacea) is a general-readership magazine designed to serve as a source of inspiration and a multiplier for synthesis of the feel-good topics of beautiful things, food, health, wellness and travel.


To create a magazine for customers of doctors and chemists which links tourism with other feel-good topics and health in a way that is relevant to the target group. Creating an appeal designed for the intended target group and disseminating this without wastage are of paramount importance.


The conceptual design incorporates a detailed target-group analysis and an analysis of the various customer journeys involved in the purchase of travel, lifestyle and health products. The theme that links all three product groups is ‘feeling good’. The feature common to the target groups, which are often quite heterogeneous, is an attitude to life characterised by the phrase ‘Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability’. Particularly important to these people is to feel good ­, not just in relation to their own bodies, but also to their living environment, their activities and travel.
Panazee serves this attitude towards life with inspirational stories and useful tips.

The conceptual design also devoted particular care to targeted distribution of the magazine. Panazee is produced in cooperation with the tour operator Mediplus and the travel medicine experts at Medprä GmbH will distribute it to 25,000 doctors’ waiting rooms. This way, the publication will reach around 2 million readers. The magazine will also be distributed to 300 certified health offices. The e-magazine is sent to 40,000 physicians and pharmacists and to 170,000 Mediplus customers.

Visitors to doctors’ surgeries, and the doctors themselves, are particularly receptive to positive topics which enhance the sense of well-being, such as good and healthy food, art, beautiful architecture, clothing or furnishings, travel, activities and wellness. This is the foundation upon which Panazee magazine was developed, linking the topics of health, wellness, travel and luxury. The central message of Panazee is: ‘Anyone can feel good, no matter what the available time and budget. All you need is the will to do so.’

Yet often there is a lack of ideas or initial momentum to create a more comfortable living environment. This is exactly where Panazee comes in. The magazine provides inspiration on wellness topics such as ‘travel & activities’, ‘beautiful things’, ‘food’ and ‘media & information’. Panazee reflects on the things that make our lives worth living.
Panazee offers the ideal editorial environment for the ideal promotion of products and offers in tourism, lifestyle and health, with broad reach and low wastage.

Panazee is issued two times a year (April and November). The first edition is available in November 2016. Have a first glance on Panazee by clicking on the issuu-button.