Natur, Land, Hessen Storytelling-Magazin

Grafenstein looks after the concept design and production of a storytelling magazine for HA Hessen Agentur


The aim is to give the rural areas of Hessen a fresh boost: they should be presented to the inhabitants of Hessen and neighbouring states as attractive local recreation areas.


Grafenstein was commissioned to come up with 15 stories that reflect the “genetic code” of the eleven tourist destinations in Hessen. The result was an image brochure featuring nature and rural life and centred around so-called “regional ambassadors” – people who epitomise the essence of the destination through their involvement or occupation.

In close coordination with Hessen Agentur, Grafenstein devised a magazine concept and wrote 15 stories typifying the region.

Grafenstein performed in-depth local research that included meeting and interviewing the regional ambassadors in person. A photographer portrayed the people in their everyday surroundings.

Client: HA Hessen Agentur GmbH