Target Groups, German tour operators, journalists

Task, Lead generation and Increase awareness plus product development and diversification for the leading privately owned DMC in Iran, „Iran Doostan Tours”

Starting Point, After a longer period of crises, the leisure tourism arrivals from Germany dropped under 1500 pax per year. Only a handful tour operators in Germany stayed in this market

neusta Grafenstein was engaged in 2013 to regain market shares and extend the business. Our market analysis showed that with the election of Rohani the perception of Iran will change. This “regime change” will directly influence the touristic demand from the German market. As the first company that worked pro actively on field of Iran tourism we enlarged the group of German tour operators to more than 60 during ITB 2014. Meanwhile neusta Grafenstein and Iran Doostan Tours organised the first official journalist tours through the country in 2014 and 2015 which led to a widespread media coverage in the travel trade and consumer press. More than 5 million readers had been reached on and offline.

Result In a very short period of time until the start of the travel season in late summer 2014 the offer of Iran tours and the demand for it had been increased significantly. In the period 2014-2015 we had been able to diversify the touristic offer and adopt it to the different types of tour operators. 2016 and 2017 the touristic arrivals from Germany were above 20.000 Pax per year. For Iran Doostan tours we could increase the numbers of Pax by over 300% in the last years. 

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