Tourism Competence Centre of the German Federal Government / Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Target groups

The target group comprises approx. 4.5 million people aged 16 to 24. From these, the following sinus milieus were identified as relevant: conservative-civil, adaptive-pragmatic, materialistic hedonists, sections of the expeditives as well as the sub-target group of people with migration backgrounds.


To improve the image of a career in tourism
Generation of interested parties for dual training occupations in tourism.

Starting point

Around 60,000 traineeships are started in tourism every year. However, increasing numbers of training places remain vacant and are exacerbating the shortage of skilled workers. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) wants to counteract this development with a communication offensive.

In short video ads, trainees and young professionals are portrayed in their daily working environments to attract more young people to the diversity of occupations in the travel industry.

Using a social media campaign (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram), video clips were aimed at specific milieus, who were then redirected to a landing page. This site showed interviews with ambassadors from the travel professions as well as the individual training occupations and links to the main recruiting websites.


Within 6 weeks, we succeeded in fully and sustainably reaching the target group with specific messages. More than 20 million visual contacts were generated, leading to more than 1 million interactions with the content. More than 150,000 clicks were made to the target page with the majority accessing a job portal and the information on types of training.

This targeted approach exceeded campaign performance forecasts by 500%.