On and offline campaign for “Familien-Ferien”

familien-ferien is an alliance of high-quality certified, family-friendly accommodation providers, local authorities and adventure organisations. This alliance has not been visible enough for the target group until now.


To derive and decide on a clear value proposition and a credible argument based on the brand essence. To express this value proposition in the form of a logo adaptation and a claim. To make familien-ferien relevant all the year round as a partner of choice for a successful time together as a family.

Target group

Families with pre-school children, as well as families with children up to 12 years of age within a maximum three-hour travel radius.


The development of a short-and-sweet core message that concisely conveys the customer benefit (“great times”) and the reason behind the customer benefit (“From us. For you.” i.e. from our families for your families). Restructuring the website to mirror the “circle of joy” (anticipatory joy = “inspiration” and “holiday planning”, holiday joy = “on the spot”, post-holiday joy and reliving-the-experience joy = newsletter and news section). Creation of year-round theme schedule for the news section and newsletter so that families are provided with relevant information throughout the year.

Campaign mechanism

In order to significantly increase the access numbers during the important months for bookings from March to May, the packages offered by familien-ferien were advertised in a joint online and offline campaign. The online campaign uses Google Adwords and banners that are governed by behavioural targeting. The offline campaign uses regional parental newspapers and leaflets included in mytoys parcels as communication channels. In addition to this, all the hosts and tourist information centres display “visiting cards” for familien-ferien in order to draw attention to familien-ferien as a partner during the holiday too. Tracking pixels on the website provide information about the origin and behaviour of users while visiting the website in order to further optimise it for the customer’s requirements in terms of usability and content. The insights gained can be used to design future campaigns and their advertising materials too. The data gathered is used in the next phase to create the inspirational brochure “99 tips for a successful family holiday” that is distributed via the tourist information centres, hosts and parental media.

Client: Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg

Branding & Webdesign