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The magazine colores is not a classical destinations magazine – it is a lifestyle magazine that celebrates Spain’s culture, cuisine and way of life.


To promote the tourist destination of Spain and its regions. The focus is even more strongly on the “cosmopolitan citizen” target group then previously. The goal is to attract new prospective customers and bind holiday-makers to Spain on a long-term basis. As a full-service agency, Grafenstein managed the project from conception to publication.


The concept design phase of the project included performing a detailed analysis of the target group. It is very heterogeneous, but shares the same interests and values regardless of age. Grafenstein got a feel for its approach to life and incorporated the findings into colores. What is important for the cosmopolitan citizen are things like cultural integrity, authenticity, art/culture, cuisine/wine, fashion/interior design. These themes will be more strongly reflected in the magazine in future. Since the target group tends to make its travel decisions on the basis of recommendations from friends and acquaintances or other trusted individuals who represent their lifestyle (e.g. VIPs such as designers, actors, athletes, models etc.), the magazine regularly features famous personalities who report on their connection with Spain. It has so far included testimonials from Peter Maffay, Daniel Brühl, Mario Gomez, Raúl and Iker Romero. Other strong characters who have a link with Spain are featured too.
Since the reading habits of the target group are strongly influenced by lifestyle magazines, their colour schemes and “look and feel” were copied over to colores. One of the focuses was on good photography. The ratio of text to pictures was shifted in favour of pictures. The magazine is distributed through a number of channels. A part of the circulation is distributed via Turespaña and on Condor and Air Europa flights. The magazine has recently begun to be sold in larger newsagents in order to better reach the target group.

Client: Turespaña

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